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Patina Studios is a home and business improvement company. Our mission is to help owners and contractors who want a dedicated team to transform their spaces to reflect their own unique style.

The value we offer includes:


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Our team of experienced full time employees and vendor partners are continually innovating to better serve our clients and lead our industry to new levels of excellence. In a highly collaborative environment, we seek to capitalize on each other's strengths while always delivering greater value to our audience.

The Patina Studios team prioritizes both opportunity for ourselves and WOW experiences for our customers.

Our team members love what they do and have a blast doing it. The work is deeply rewarding and plays to each person’s unique strengths and talents.

Our Story

Rod and Holly Woods, business owners for 20+ years, spent the majority of their careers in the construction industry. Rod’s time has included hands on work in every phase of commercial and residential construction with extensive experience in concrete work and residential remodeling. Holly provided administrative and team support thru the majority of their tenure.

Rod’s creative passion and concrete experience led to them making custom handmade concrete countertops. This was the beginning of Patina Studios. The earthy varied patina of the concrete finish coupled with the fact they were created offsite led to the name. This was the beginning of experiencing the world of high end design and creativity. This experience offered many challenges and rewards. Three years into this experience we closed the doors to focus on needs within the family. Although the business was closed the passion to create interesting patinas never left.

In 2011 opportunity to reenter the construction industry presented itself. The desire to recapture the passion for design led Rod to focus on residential remodeling. This was the birth of Woods Building Solutions. As our team, revenue, and client base grew it became increasingly apparent that a design showroom would be beneficial to the process.

A relationship with a high school teammate that was in the retail side of the remodeling business led to a partnered venture to open a design showroom in York. On July 8, 2016 Home360 York was born by purchasing Nationwide Carpet Brokers. This provided a retail design showroom paired with the remodelling services of Woods Building Solutions to create a full service design build interior remodelling company. Rapid growth and divergent philosophies led to Rod and Holly purchasing 100% ownership of Home360 York in July of 2018. Thru this process we merged Woods Building Solutions and Home360 York to bring back Patina Studios. Finally the passion for design that never left is alive again.

Since then, Patina Studios has produced incredible outcomes and worked with a miriad of satisfied customers. Not only that, but we continue to grow in size and revenue year after year at a record pace. We have achieved these extraordinary results by building upon our values, culture, and-most importantly-creating WOW. We continue to learn and improve into the future.

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We tell the truth, do what’s right, and honor our commitments even when expensive, inconvenient, or embarrassing

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We engineer transformational designs, services, and experiences with envy-inspiring levels of excellence and attention to detail.

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We believe individual and collective leadership drives results. When we fail, we own it, resolve it, and learn the lesson to avoid it in the future.

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We never stop learning. We constantly improve our designs, services, operations, and ourselves.

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We believe we work in the best company on earth, and we spontaneously spread that enthusiasm to each other.



We know where we’re going.  We are willing to do the work to get there.  We channel our passion energy in that direction

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