Carpet Guides

Care & Maintenance

Keep your new carpet looking great and feeling plush with these simple care tips!

Regular Vacuuming

Vacuum your carpet thoroughly & frequently, particularly in high-traffic areas. For newly installed carpet, vacuum lightly & frequently in the first week, then weekly after that. Vacuum against the pile direction first to help unsettle dirt and reduce matting. Then, vacuum in the pile direction to finish with a uniform surface. Use only a good quality vacuum as recommended by your manufacturer.

Steam Cleaning

Depending on usage, carpet should be professionally steam cleaned annually. Steam cleaning should only be done by a professional with the right credentials. We don’t recommend shampooing, do-it-yourself steam cleaning or dry cleaning.

Spills, Stains & Spot Cleaning

Give spills immediate attention to reduce the likelihood of a stain. Allowing liquid spills to cool or dry can create a more stubborn stain. Consult your manufacturer’s care guide to ensure proper spot removal. Refrain from using bleaches & chemical products, which can cause permanent discoloration.

Preventative Maintenance

Place door mats at all exterior doorways. Use furniture pads under chairs legs & occasionally rearrange furniture to reduce crushing, matting & other pressure marks. Use rugs to protect carpet in high traffic areas. Protect carpet from prolonged periods of direct sunlight by using curtains or blinds.