Hardwood Flooring


What to Expect From Your Professional Hardwood Installation

Before Installation

Once you have ordered your hardwood we’ll discuss the removal of your furniture, wall hangings, window coverings, and all other items from the room. This includes emptying closets!

During Installation

Be prepared for some noise, debris & dust while the job is going on. For everyone’s safety, keep small children or pets away from the work area. If we are applying a finish to your hardwood, be sure to keep off of the floors until they have properly dried. Check with your contractor if you have any specific questions about the installation timeline.

After the Installation

Once the hardwood floor installation is complete and the finish has dried, you’ll want to attach felt pads on the bottom of all furniture to minimize dents and scratches when you return it to its place. You should also consider adding throw rugs at all entrances. Avoid rugs with rubber backs, as they can discolor the floor. Variations in hardwood planks is natural - no two boards will be identical.

While installation may seem like the biggest step, you’ll need to properly care for your hardwood floors to keep them looking new for years! Learn more in our Hardwood Care & Maintenance guide.