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Laminate flooring is durable and resilient. The range of laminate flooring styles, colors and textures available at Patina Studios makes for an endless array of design possibilities.  

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Laminate Flooring in York, NE
The Benefits of Laminate

Laminate flooring has made a recent comeback in the interior design world, shedding its reputation as a mere wood alternative and coming into its own as a durable, beautiful surface with its own host of benefits. Made from multiple layers of synthetic material, laminate simulates the look of wood or tile with photographic precision. Many products even emulate natural textures thanks to advanced finishing technology.

Laminate offers quick & easy installation, simple maintenance, and affordability. It’s a hypoallergenic surface which can also be water-resistant depending on the product.


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Our team of flooring and installation experts treats every customer like family. We offer our extensive product knowledge, free in-home assessments, and personalized guidance throughout every step of the flooring process, from selection to installation and beyond! That’s the Patina Studios difference.

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