Tile & Stone


What to Expect From Your Professional Tile or Stone Installation

Before Installation

We’ll take care of the basics, measuring your rooms to determine how much tile is needed for your installation. We’ll lay out exactly what our team will be responsible for and to set up a time for the work around your family’s schedule.

During Installation

The first step will likely be the removal of your old flooring. The next step in the installation is ensuring the subfloor is clean and prepped for installation. Prepping your floor may involve a lot of stripping, sanding, dust, and loud power tools. This process will likely be messy and noisy, but trust us when we say that a lifetime of gorgeous tile or stone floors is well worth the brief inconvenience!

Once the subfloor is ready, our installation crew will spread mortar & grout as they lay the tile. We may need an area outside, preferably covered, to cut or trim some of the tile. Once all the tiles are set in place, your installation is nearly finished!

After Installation

Your tile installation is not truly done until a few days after your team leaves. New installations need time to cure and solidify and should not be walked on for at least 48 hours after the tiles are laid. Bathroom or kitchen installs should remain completely moisture-free for a couple of days so the grout can completely dry.